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      Address:North 2/F,Building B,No.1Xinhe Street,Hetangguang,MaAntang Community,Bantian Subdistrict,Longgang District,Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China.
      Zip code: 518129

      Tel: 0755-83306260 83409489
      Fax: 0755-83302776
      Official website: http://www.cereya.com
      E-mail: skt0755@139.com
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      • In an excess capacity, serious homogeneity and pure Moore's law gradually cannot meet the internal demand of era, people are try very hard to tell a story, and let the product or service, one of the "feelings" landing weight is design of the good and not abrupt.
      • Now, China's entrepreneurial market hot anomaly - probably all agree that.
      Cherish life, courage, focus on quality, integrity and win-win